Rest, Rejuvenate, and Reimagine

“Everyday, I try to make decisions that protect Mother Earth.”



Susan Rockefeller is a creative conservationist and social entrepreneur who uses the power of documentary filmmaking and design to be a positive change agent in environmental, social and philanthropic areas. She makes a difference through collaborative projects including co-branded products and events, documentary films, and social awareness campaigns around the world to spread the message of PROTECT WHAT IS PRECIOUS.


We work towards a sustainable future by collaborating with people, organizations and causes that are dedicated to rest, rejuvenation and re-imagining a better world through her simple credo — PROTECT WHAT IS PRECIOUS. Most precious to her are family, art and nature.


The Arts are the highest expression of human spirit and potential. Creativity generates happiness and has the ability to heal.



Family is the natural center of our lives and gives us strength to support our global family.



We depend on nature as the source of food and health for humans, animals, nations and economies. Nothing can survive without what Mother Earth provides.


1% for the planet

In order to extend our conservation efforts even further, one percent of all Protect What Is Precious sales will be donated to %1 for the Planet, an organization bringing together over twelve hundred corporations who are committed to protecting the environment and enacting powerful, positive change. In connecting consumers and companies with nonprofits, 1% for the Planet utilizes corporate social responsibility to help leave the planet better than we found it. One percent may seem like a small number, but it adds up: in the past ten years over 100 million dollars have been given back to help protect Mother Earth.

We are committed to protecting our planet, and with preservation in mind we constantly look for creative ways to use recycled materials. Whenever possible, we collaborate with Sabin Metal Corporation to produce silver from secondary sources through their electrolytic refining process. Every year large quantities of precious metals from electronic, pharmaceutical, solar, and catalytic industries are discarded. By repurposing these metals we work to promote conservation within the jewelry and refinement industries, and reduce negative effects on the environment.