to Host 10th Anniversary Wellness Celebration to Host 10th Anniversary Wellness Celebration
January 26, 2016 pwip, the web’s first sustainable living site specifically for women, will host a 10th anniversary wellness party at Coco-Mat in SoHo on February 4th. Guests, who will include accomplished and fun influencers from the sustainable community, will enjoy being pampered with luxury massages from Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics, yoga instruction fromPrancing Leopard Organics, wine seminars from Natura Organic Wine, healthy cocktails from Vivacity Fine Spirits, and local and organic bites from Nourish + Nosh.

At the event, Eco-Chick’s Starre Vartan and Lindsay Brown will honor and thank the Heroines in attendance, who have been featured in its long-running “Heroines for the Planet” series featuring world changing women who are deeply committed to planetary change.


Eco-Chick will send all guests home with a reusable Coco-Mat gift bag with an aromatherapy pillow so guests can sleep on nature; fresh, handmade inventions from LUSH, Natura Organic Wine & more!

Congrats to the ladies at Eco-Chick for a decade online! Cheers to the next 10 and their tagline: “Because Mother Earth is a Woman.”

Click here for free tickets to attend.

See you there!