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  • Q&A with Flower and Herb Expert Shannon Algiere

    Shannon Algiere learned a hard but important lesson in her teens: Pollution and environmental destruction are rampant and everyone pays the cost. In light of this she has dedicated herself to “living in the beauty way.” Since 2003 that way has taken…

  • Could Urban Farms Be the Preschools of the Future?


  • The Great Denmark To Become A 100% Organic Country

    via OrganicVeganEarth

  • Organic is Different


  • Overpopulation, overconsumption – in pictures

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  • The Ugly Produce Problem: Ugly Produce is Beautiful


  • Website only stocks products that last a lifetime

    via mother nature network

  • What’s the secret ingredient for keeping both our planet and our bodies healthy?

    Find out now!

  • The Environmental Legacy of the Steel City

    via The New York Times

  • An Evening of Wellness


  • Outdoor Fest

    Get your tickets!

  • Oceana

    A love letter to the ocean

    My earliest memories are of the ocean. Summer days spent splashing around the eastern end of Long Island and sculpting sandcastles beneath a fading afternoon sun. As I dove into the Atlantic’s mighty waves and dug deep into the sand, my imagination would ebb…

  • Facebook for Whales

    Making Facebook for Whales

    via The Atlantic


    More than half the plastic in the ocean comes from these five countries

    via Quartz

  • Making Climate Change Fashionable


  • The longest floating structure in history

    is about to hit the ocean to fix a big problem. via

  • 100 days of Plants & Pots

    100 Days of Plants & Pots

    via HonestlyWTF

  • Iceburg

    Hula’s Iceberg Murals

    via HonestlyWTF

  • Via BuzzFeed

    13 Surprising Things Made With Recycled And Reused Plastics

  • Are Vegetables The New Meat?”


  • Living Roof

    Living Roofs

    via HonestlyWTF

  • 08beijing01-master675-v3

    Once Seed Was Planted, Chinese Headwear Fad Grew Like Weeds

    via The New York Times

  • Photo by Troy Moth

    Unconventional Sandcastles by Matt Kaliner

  • A Trip to Bali

    When Elizabeth Gilbert wrote Eat, Pray, Love she traveled to Italy to eat, India to pray, and Bali to love. Earlier this summer my husband and I made our own way to Bali and…

  • Photo by Troy Moth

  • Photo by Troy Moth

  • mermaid

  • Photo by Troy Moth

  • Photo by Troy Moth

  • Photo by Troy Moth

  • Photo by Troy Moth

  • Photo by Troy Moth

  • Photo by Troy Moth

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