Leadership in the Bible: A Practical Guide for Today

Leadership in the Bible: A Practical Guide for Today
November 2, 2015 pwip

In a world where there is a vacuum of leadership and misunderstanding, it’s refreshing to find new approaches that are useful in both our personal and professional lives. Enter Paul Ohana and David Arnow, whose book Leadership in the Bible: A Practical Guide for Today finds modern strategies in the lessons of an ancient text.

Ohana, a management consultant, and Arnow, a clinical psychologist, use research from their respective fields to draw fresh and practical conclusions from many of the bible’s most well-known stories. Using text from the Old Testament as a starting point, the authors address many challenges of business, such as: project launches, communication, crisis prevention and management, and the achievement of goals and results.

Leadership principles play a role in all of our endeavors, and Leadership in the Bible is a worthwhile read for anyone looking to strengthen their skills or alter their approach. Ohana and Arnow find modern relevancy in age-old accounts, and their methods are accessible to everyone, no matter their religious affiliation or familiarity with the Bible. And, with plans to examine other religious texts such as the New Testament and the Quran through the same format, we can continue to harness the wisdom and power of what has come before, and transform our daily lives from ordinary to extraordinary.

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