Official Release: Food for Thought, Food for Life

Official Release: Food for Thought, Food for Life
October 21, 2015 pwip

I’m thrilled to announce the official release of my short documentary, Food for Thought, Food for Life. The film will be available this Saturday, October 24th, in celebration of Food Day, but you can view it early on

The engaging and informative call-to-action film inspires us to think differently about what we eat and make changes that will positively impact our health, our environment, and our communities. In addition to providing vital information, the film gives viewers the necessary tools to make a difference in their own lives. It explores the connection between the planet and our health, and suggests that strengthening the connection will only benefit our future.

Together with Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture, we are launching a national outreach and engagement campaign to screen the film across the country. The screening events will bring people together to learn, discuss, and take action through small steps in their own lives and by supporting work happening in their communities. And, because of a generous outreach grant from the Ford Foundation, we are able to offer this film FREE to anyone who wants to host a screening!

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