Q&A with Morgane Le Fay designer Liliana Casabel

Q&A with Morgane Le Fay designer Liliana Casabel
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Q&A with Morgane Le Fay designer Liliana Casabel

Liliana Casabal founded Morgane Le Fay in Soho in 1982 with the belief that fashion can be healing and boundless in addition to being astoundingly beautiful. She also believed it could be handmade one garment at a time in her new beloved New York City. Impeccably tailored with an eye for the whimsical, Casabal now has four stores (two on each coast) and continues to keep the production local and the designs timeless—no “fast fashion” here, these are pieces that will inspire for decades. Visit morganelefay.com for more.

What inspired you to start Morgane Le Fay?
It was kismet for the company to begin when I arrived in New York. The first collection was inspired by the profound love I felt for the city.

Why the name?
The name reflects my experience of the pursuit of beauty in all things. I wanted to the company to be representative of itself, embodied within a mythical woman.

What do you hope your line will inspire?
We would like for our clothing to inspire a sense of wonder and happiness.

When we spoke you mentioned that each dress is made by one seamstress. Can you tell me more about the energy of the clothes and how you have set up your factory?
Yes, when a piece of clothing is made from beginning to end by the same seamstress, it posses an energy of craftsmanship. The softness and etherial quality of our clothing reflects the integrity from which they are made.

Where do you go for inspiration for your clothes?
Each collection has an inspiration of its own. Our recent Fall/Winter 2016 collection was inspired by Shakespeare’s romantic sonnets. The newest Spring/Summer 2017 is inspired by “The Odyssey.”

How do you choose the materials you use?
We work very intensely, meeting with our vendors, and reviewing thousands of textiles until we find the best fabrications for the collection. I always prefer natural materials while experimenting with new developmental fabrics. There are certain qualities we gravitate towards like lace, plaids, and silks.

What inspired you to make flowy dresses as well as the range from wedding to casual wear?
The collection is built intuitively—its not one particular decision.

Do you consider yourself an environmental or sustainable brand, and if so why?
Yes, we are sustainable at many levels. The most important is at the human level; our product is made in New York under the best working conditions, and one seamstress makes an item of clothing from start to finish.

What’s next for you and Morgane Le Fay?
… continuing the pursuit of beauty…

Here are some photos of me wearing my favorite Morgane Le Fay dresses!  – Susan Rockefeller

Q&A with Morgane Le Fay designer Liliana Casabel
Q&A with Morgane Le Fay designer Liliana Casabel
Q&A with Morgane Le Fay designer Liliana Casabel